Creation Care Ambassador Program

Since 2020 ELCA and ecoAmerica’s Blessed Tomorrow have trained over 300 members to reach out to their faith community in order to activate congregations to work towards climate solutions in their areas.  There are dozens of certified Ambassadors ready to share their new skills and resources with your church and community.  All “Certified Ambassadors” who are eager to volunteer their time can be found on our map (see here and hover to see their contact information).  If you are interested in having one of these Ambassadors speak with your church community please reach out to them immediately to see if a virtual or in-person session can happen soon!

If you want to become a trained Creation Care Ambassador register with code ELCA to take the online, customized course (~ 4 hours) here:

Free Training also available in Spanish! Download invite here.

Listen in to hear how ELCA members have used the training and how they may help you in your setting.
Our August 2022 Connections Call welcomed Sydney and Carol from BlessedTomorrow:

Chat Log from 8.31.22 Call